IBM PC Controller Pinout

Controller port

15-pin female D-sub connector on the computer.

15-pin male D-sub connector on the controller.

  1. +5VDC Source
  2. /A (stick 1 button 1)
  3. 1X (stick 1 horizontal)
  4. GND
  5. GND
  6. 1Y (stick 1 vertical)
  7. /B (stick 1 button 2)
  8. +5VDC Source
  9. +5VDC Source
  10. /D (stick 2 button 2)
  11. 2X (stick 2 horizontal)
  12. GND
  13. 2Y (stick 2 vertical)
  14. /C (stick 2 button 1)
  15. +5VDC Source

All GND pins are the same. All 5V sources are the same

Analog Direction Inputs

Potentiometer inputs are 0-100kohm, linear. Directional inputs are read by a RC delay circuit, i.e. the time it takes a capacitor to recharge after being discharged determines the potentiometer positions.


Button inputs have their pins held high by the computer, and are pulled low by the joystick when activated by the user.

Jay Tilton